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Project Management

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HOBOKEN SIGN   Design   Build   Service

Today the business environment for signage is now more challenging and competitive. It demands client/organizations not only to be aware of their signage brand and how it impacts perception of your customer base but also how this signage brand is to be effectively designed, professionally fabricated and expertly installed.

  • Expert sign design services. Including Graphic design if your project requires logo development.

  • Project management, Guiding your approved concept design to final phase of installation.

  • Permit procurement. Preparing all required drawings and applications for permit approvals.( Including support to legal teams for variances if required.)


From Irish pub to Medical facilities, we have the skill set and experience to put you on the right path.

A fundamental part of our operation and success is due to the successful project management and procurement services we have developed over the years.

Our clients demand excellence in design followed by seamless execution of a project within an established time frame. We concentrate on project constraints of costs, schedule and scale of needs.

We co-ordinate contractors and suppliers, and provide management oversight on all projects. We work together with and manage the work of architects, engineers, on-site contractors, and local authorities, ensuring adherence to building codes, as well as Historic district requirements.


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